Montreal SEO Expert

Born and raised in Montreal from an Armenian background, Herman Tumurcuoglu is currently the founder and CEO of a Reputation Management Company in Montreal, Quebec. The Concordia (now known as The John Molson School of Business) and the Carleton graduate was quickly involved in the web search industry, projecting him to be the pioneer of the web search industry. Co-founder and partner of (NASDAQ), the Montreal SEO Expert eventually sold and moved onto a private practice.

For 20 years, Tumurcuoglu was a personal consultant for online reputation management and SEO. While discovering the evolving algorithms of search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo), he evolved his practices by offering reverse SEO services. Reverse SEO is the process of optimizing results under a poor result to push it down to the second page of search results.

Recently, he has taken a step back from consulting by hiring a well experienced manager and turned his attention to teaching. From his few but insightful years of teaching at the John Molson School of Business and John Abbott College in Montreal, Herman has found a passion for passing on his knowledge. Through his Internet Marketing and E-Commerce classes, he wishes to educate a generation of digitally attached and influential individuals.

Millennials and the generations to come have been raised in a society of digital reputations. Reputations are no longer verbal. They are digital. Herman’s goals is to make sure younger generations understand what happens to the content they put online and how expensive the removal process is. So before getting to the point where they may need his reverse SEO services, they need to think about what they put online.