Dirty Secrets of SEO

As it is known in the SEO industry, there are thousands of contenders for Google rankings. Over the years, Google has refined it’s algorithm. The sophisticated tool began filtering which results get priority over others. You can imagine how complex that algorithm may be with thousands of competing assets for the first page of search results. One of the main SEO objectives is to increase relevancy of your asset to match certain keywords. Despite the over 200 factors of the algorithmic search result rankings, relevancy remains the most weighed factor.
Have you realized that the first couple of results are sometimes not relevant to your keyword search though? Using search engine optimization, user signal strategies, and even certain “black hat” methods, assets still rank under irrelevant keywords. For example, an ORM firm might try to rank for keywords in the medical or construction industry. Why? Because many professionals and companies is those industries have a bad reputation. In other words, the online reputation management firm is promoting themselves to industries that need their services.
Overall, Google is measuring your website’s popularity. The practices that the SEO industry has developed to increase popularity are manipulative and discrete; when executed with attention and patience. These secretaries strategies are what Google is combatting by making their algorithm more sophisticated.
Luckily for Tumurcuoglu and other credible SEO experts, the refinements are filtering out the “self-claimed” SEO experts. These individuals are using an abundance of “black hat” techniques that do not appear natural to any search engine algorithm. As a result, those that understand the labor and strategy needed for an effective SEO strategy are regaining the market share. SEO is a craft that requires attention and dedication. Often times, Tumurcuoglu’s contracts exceed 6 months. Any contract time under that amount of time means that your SEO “expert” of choice is not executing their strategy with currently proven techniques. For example, many will purchase “spammy” backlinks at his frequencies. Now, instead of boosting your assets, that strategy will hurt you. Current proven techniques involve hours of labor with content creation and time to make the process appear naturally.
The dirty secrets and practices of SEO are being revealed.

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