New Year’s Resolutions Without Breaking the Bank

The New Year is almost here and individuals are already starting to think about bettering themselves. Not only is this something that individuals are doing, but Herman’s SEO team has found a way to keep all employees on track this new year by not breaking the bank either. At him company, everyone has agreed to take on the challenge of eating healthier without breaking the bank.

Food prices have been decreasing lately but are seen to go up again in price in 2017 therefore it can be quite difficult to maintain a healthy diet without breaking the banks. One tip that you can do in order to eat well and not spend too much money is to learn to love cooking. Another tip is to buy items that can be used in several recipes in order to not waste any goods and use them as much as possible for your recipes. It is important to also buy in bulk as much as possible and slowly building your pantry up with bulk foods that do not expire before you can get your hands on them. One food that anyone on a budget and healthy lifestyle should always have in their fridge is eggs since it is a good source of protein and it is cheap to buy.

Also, before you go out grocery shopping again, it is important to check the fridge and pantry for any leftovers you have and what you can put to use immediately after your grocery trip.

You can also boost your net worth by doing all of your financial planning and personal finance by yourself in the New Year with a simple Excel sheet.

Another very popular New Year’s resolution is to not only diet properly by eating well, but to actually get fit. Any boutique gym memberships, high-tech equipment and personal trainers can really break the bank but working out can be done on a budget. There are several exercise videos that you can do from your own living room all on YouTube for free. If you really want to try out a new gym, or different classes, you can go on GroupOn to find discount rates for a gym or a class you have been dying to try. It is important that if you invest your money into buying an exercise machine, that you actually get in the habit of using it or if this isn’t something you’d like to do at home, simply find a gym that costs you no more than 200$ a year.


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