Proactive Reputation Management for Montreal’s 375th

Summer is right around the corner and Montreal has hit an all-time high in terms of summer events with their 375th founding anniversary. Not only has Montreal harvested a culturally diverse city, it is the oldest city in Canada next to Quebec City. Some of the summer events that Montreal is known for include the Jazz Festival, the Just for Laughs Festival, and Osheaga. With the 375th anniversary, Montreal will be expecting a large increase in tourism. Montreal is anticipating over 10 million tourists during 2017 for their 375th. Montreal politicians, representatives, and city dignitaries biggest concern is meeting the expectations of these tourists. Upholding the fun culturally diverse image portray online will not be a complex task considering all the events that are taking place. Montreal’s international reputation is highly regarded. With the world’s eyes on Montreal this summer, can the city uphold a highly held reputation?

Usually managing a reputation online and offline is often done through agencies for individuals but it is a little hard to do when it’s a whole city’s reputation! Montreal is such a broad keyword that when searching only the top news stories will show up. How can Montreal control that in a summer of high revenue?

  1. Situation and Risk Management: when hosting their events, Montreal needs to have plan A through Z if anything happens or goes wrong. Like any events that includes alcohol, it is up to individuals to cover their drinks and watch their belongings. In 2016, there were multiple reports of drugging, sexual assault, and stolen items. Although it is up to the individual, it is does not add to the reputation of the event nor that of Montreal. CBC news reported through a researcher at an Ottawa Hospital that over 25% of sexual assaults happen at festivals and music events. Montreal security and event planners need to be proactive. Anything suspicious needs to be addressed. The city should also implement security check when individuals leave the premises too. Security and planners need to trust their instincts and not so much the procedures all the time.
  2. Online Reputation Management: Although Montreal News Networks cannot and will not deprive Montrealers of reliable news, they can work with the city to report Montreal news  in a healthy manner. To manage their online reputation, Montreal News Networks can report negative news while providing city solutions and action plans to give viewers hope. It is not necessarily about preventing a poor reputation but rather about the steps taken to redeem one’s self.

Montreal SEO Expert is ready to work with the city to give them online and offline tips to boost and uphold their reputation this summer. We can only hope that the 375th celebratory events are successful for the city, Montrealers, and the city’s international reputation.


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