Sustainability in SEO

Improving Your SEO with Sustainability
Known for it's diverse culture, Montreal is one of the biggest cities in Canada that is taking after cities in Western Canada. Vancouver, Kelowna, and Calgary are all cities that have fast paced sustainability programs in agriculture, technology, science. Montreal is right behind them.

Nowadays, consumers like to know that there are businesses who care about having sustainability practices and actually do something to contribute to the planet’s environmental issues. According to a new global survey released by video-conferencing company Tandberg, there are more than half of global consumers an outstanding 53%, would prefer to purchase products and services from a company with a strong environmental reputation.

There are tremendous incentives for companies across the globe who go green, and if a company like that of Tumurcuoglu's did the same, they would be able to get tax cuts, save some money and build a good example for other Internet Marketing companies.

After the company had viewed a recent story about Tourouvre, Normandy who had the world’s first solar highway, they got inspired to do something that will be more sustainable. This solar highway is a road that is paved with solar panels that is able to provide energy to power the streetlights of the Tourouvre town in Normandy. Montreal SEO Expert, Herman Tumurcuoglu, is thinking about the possibility of installing solar panels once his company moves to a bigger location that is more private.

The reason why sustainability is so important in a workplace nowadays is due to something called the triple bottom line where having sustainable practices will eventually help society be more sustainable which will impact people, profits and the planet. When it comes to profits, it actually helps the economy especially when you are a company who uses only solar energy, you will receive tax benefits and incentives. Your employees tend to be more satisfied knowing that the work practices and manufacturing process isn’t causing a negative impact on the environment. For the planet, it is all about having big organizations regardless of what sector they are in, there to help combat climate change by saving resources and getting into the idea of having more sustainable practices for the company and the employees.

If every company would get on board with the idea of sustainable practices in an organization and having a green approach in the workplace, even the idea of a paperless office instead of setting up solar panels, will have good consequences in the end for our planet.


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