Expert Witness for SEO Litigation

Google has over 200 signals to determine which page should rank higher than another for any given keyword query, there are a great many methods that can be used to optimize a webpage or website. The practice of using these signals to influence Google is Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO Expert Witness

Herman Tumurcuoglu, is the founder and CEO of Sapio Agency, Search industry pioneer, sessional lecturer At McGill University, John Molson School of Business, Conference Speaker and world renown SEO expert. He was the founder of the first ever commercial meta search engine In his role of CEO he oversaw several teams  and partnership projects with Google, InfoSpace, Goto, Infoseek, and Lycos, With over 22 years history in the Industry Herman is uniquely knowledgeable on a wide variety of topics involving search engines and related topics.

SEO – Litigation Support

Typical Scenarios:

  • Negative SEO: In this situation, a competing interest uses techniques to deliberately damage your company’s ability to compete in the rankings. While in recent years Google has made this harder to achieve, it is possible to hurt a company’s competitive abilities in SERP  (Search Engine Result Page), via special tools, my agency can provide the research, investigation, analysis and expert testimony to prove that this was inflicted against you.


  • Defamation and Promotion of Defamatory material: There are two categories of issues we have observed; in one case a person or group of people defame people over the web, often very difficult to trace. Even more difficult is when a person or group of people promote hate and defamatory material for personal gain and self interest.


  • Trademark Infringement: A company can use Search Engine Optimization techniques to leverage your trademark(s) in order to gain some traffic. These cases range from onsite to offsite techniques; from backlinking with your tradename to purposely using it within domains,  and our expert witness testimony on these and other issues related to SEO can help you reverse the situation and even get a conviction or settlement.


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